Which TikTok challenges are in trend?

It’s hard to say which the best challenges on TikTok are. There are thousands of challenges with new ones appearing daily and the user community is extremely inventive in this sense. In fact, you can see which challenges are well-liked at a given moment from the search section. All challenges usually include a hashtag with the word challenge; therefore it’s easy to seek out them. We’re going to give you a list of the best challenges on TikTok to the date with a brief description thus you’ll be able to decide whether to take part recording your own version:

Random dance challenge: You’ll need to do different dances.

PUBG finger dance: Repeating the popular Fortnite dance. 

Eat on the beat challenge: You have got to eat to the beat of a song.

Emoji challenge: Put on faces that look like emoji’s.

LaLa dance challenge: The dance associated to this song.

Pause for the camera: Freeze to the beat of the music. 

Cover girl challenge: Records covered with a towel and surprise your audience with what’s hidden. 

Can you kick it challenge: Change your shoes or clothes by leaping into your new shoes.

Face challenge: Put on different faces.

Trust fall challenge: Do you trust someone catching you? Let yourself fall and record it. 

Stair challenge: Climb the stairs while you dance. 

Bad boy challenge: Dance to the beat of this song. 

Dura challenge: Dance to the beat of Daddy Yankee’s Dura.

Freeze challenge: Yet another challenge about standing still.

Try not to laugh challenge: Try not to laugh for as long as you can.

Screaming challenge: A shouting contest.

Challenges are spontaneous well-liked movements where anyone can record themselves on video carrying out a specific action (remember all those videos of people chucking a bucket of iced water over their heads to support the patients of a certain disease?). Many of these challenges have gone viral on social networks and TikTok offers us a lot of them that have become extremely popular.