TikTok has challenged the social network world order

The explosive growth of Chinese short video platform TikTok is posing a rising challenge to established foreign social media apps like Instagram and Snapchat, the most recent download trends showed.

The Chinese niche product is ready to secure a number one position within the world market shortly, because of its increasing popularity among young users.
TikTok has caught up with Facebook’s Instagram in Apple downloads in world markets in recent months. It has outranked Instagram in India and it surpassed Instagram within the U.S.A., according to ValueChampion, a consumer research firm based in Singapore.

In the US, TikTok already outperforms Snapchat within the photo & Video app downloads class, whereas it’s catching up rather quickly in Europe, the report aforementioned.

TikTok is performing well, particularly with younger individuals. Laurel Kurtz, a 23-year-old TikTok user in San Diego, California, told the Global Times that she doesn’t assume there’s direct competition among TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat, as they each fill a unique niche in society.

“Instagram is more for photos, and quick update videos that will disappear after twenty four hours, whereas TikTok’s videos are more long-lived, thus you can do more with them,” aforesaid Kurtz.

TikTok’s advantage of providing great tools that can be simply leveraged by users to make attention-grabbing content has caught the eye of younger netizens, Zhang Yi, ceo of iiMedia research Institute, told the Global Times.
To get the attention of teens, Facebook launched a new app within the U.S.A. called Lasso, which looks terribly just like TikTok.
However, Zhang aforementioned that it’ll be very tough for Facebook to win back users with such a “cloned” product.

“TikTok has innovated, providing the experiences of incorporating music, making popular hand gestures, lip-synching and dancing and other attention-grabbing features”, Zhang said.

To acquire TikTok doesn’t seem like a possibility for Facebook, because Bytedance, the $70 billion Chinese technology conglomerate that owns TikTok, has its own world ambitions.
Although the increase of TikTok has drawn high expectations among investors, Zhang aforementioned as a “niche” product, the app “does not have the qualities” to become a global leader.

“TikTok has accumulated an excellent number of users. However, it’s a product with both techniques and cultural aspects, although it isn’t irreplaceable,” Zhang added.

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