TikTok for Windows

Enjoy TikTok from your Windows device.

There are numerous kinds of social media apps running around these days, however only those with the best, funniest, or most useful gimmick will stand the test of your time. TikTok is one of the foremost downloaded social media apps in 2018. Formerly known as Musical.ly or Musically, TikTok has definitely achieved a certain level of fame because it has millions of users visiting the app on a daily basis. What’s TikTok’s gimmick and will it be enough to stand against such stiff rivals?

Installation on computer.

If you wish to get TikTok running on your computer, you’ll need to install another software system first, which is Bluestacks. Once Bluestacks is installed in your device, install TikTok using Bluestacks. You’ll have to run Bluestacks whenever you would like to use TikTok, however it’s a small price to pay to get it on Windows.
What isn’t a small price to pay are the performance problems you might encounter. There are undoubtedly some lagging and responsiveness problems when using the app, and it can be very difficult to use it depending on whether or not you prefer to look at or create videos.

Watching Videos.

The performance problems don’t really have an effect on video loading and watching. It’s still pretty easy to navigate through the videos and watch them. Interacting with comments, likes, and sharing are also pretty easy. Looking for new videos can be prone to plenty lagging. You’ll be able to search for new videos by searching for users, music, and hashtags. Loading the videos are very fast, however that could be because TikTok has a 15-second limit, so the videos don’t have massive file sizes.

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