TikTok challenge that will make your mood brighten

As TikTok fills the void Vine’s death left behind, users are coming up with fresher, funnier sketches rather than sticking to cheesy lip syncs. One skit, set to Adele’s “Someone like you,” galvanized the Haribo challenge.

In the video, a lone gummy bear looks to sing the first words to the song’s heart-wrenching chorus. Then, Adele’s mic cuts out and her audience finishes the song as the camera pans over to a crowd of gummy bears. The gummy mob stretches for the equivalent of a gummy-bear sized eternity, as hundreds of multicolor bears sing with Adele.

I’ve got watched this TikTok at least once a day since I initial scrolled past a tweet regarding it almost a week ago. It’s too superb to not be obsessed with it.
Both the original TikTok and also the tweet have over 1.2 million likes, thus it’s natural it’d inspire other versions. Here are some that other TikTok users came up with.

Some people even replaced gummy bears wih other kind of stuff like toys or even eggs.

TikTok users have gotten very excited with gummy bears. In this one, they cover every surface of this kitchen. Who is going to clean this up?

TikTok put out a plea to “stop wasting gummy bears.” however is it really a waste if you’re going viral?
The challenge has additionally inspired spin-offs using paper cranes and stuffed animals.
Get a heartwarming start to your weekend with these absolutely pure challenges.

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