How to Add a Life Event to Your Facebook Timeline (and Why You Should)

Facebook did an entire makeover with the introduction of the Facebook Timeline. Our Facebook pages haven’t been the same since. The massive banner like image dominates, and then your “life story” follows. The timeline is resting place for all of your memorable posts, photos, events…all organized in a reverse chronological order. Admittedly, you have to scroll quite a few feet all the way down to view your early years, however at times the trip is worth it only for the nostalgia.

In a later update, Facebook conjointly brought in Timeline Apps which permits you to share a lot more like books, movies, travel spots etc. All for the goal of social interactivity. However we are getting slightly ahead here, because this simple post is meant to show you the way to add a life event to your Facebook Timeline.

Go Back In Time and Add Life Events

Facebook has currently made it dead simple to go back in time and add momentous life events to your Facebook Timeline. It’s a straightforward few clicks affair. Here’s how:
Log into your Facebook profile and head to the Timeline. You will see the link for life Event just alongside the status update box. Clicking on it displays the following options:

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