Which TikTok challenges are in trend?

It’s hard to say which the best challenges on TikTok are. There are thousands of challenges with new ones appearing daily and the user community is extremely inventive in this sense. In fact, you can see which challenges are well-liked at a given moment from the search section. All challenges usually include a hashtag with the word challenge; therefore it’s easy to seek out them. We’re going to give you a list of the best challenges on TikTok to the date with a brief description thus you’ll be able to decide whether to take part recording your own version:

Random dance challenge: You’ll need to do different dances.

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TikTok is rising from nowhere

TikTok is on the rise two years after Vine’s tragic ending, however don’t expect it to fill the void that vine left. That’s OK! The absolute chaos that TikTok embodies is exactly what we need in 2019.

If you’ve been spending time outside like a useful human and don’t have any idea what TikTok is, here’s a rundown: The app was formerly called Musical.ly, a platform dominated by preteens lip-syncing to uncomfortably suggestive choreography. In August 2018, the app was bought by ByteDance and merged with its app TikTok.

In the months since, the app has spawned increasingly bizarre — but hilarious — 15-second videos, from gummy bears serenading one another with Adele’s “Someone like you” to teens flexing their makeup skills on literal potatoes. TikTok users aim to induce a coveted feature on the apps “For You” page, which is basically a scroll-through version of Instagram’s “Explore” tab.

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Facebook Watch is growing but still dwarfed by YouTube

The prospects for publishers on the social network’s new video offering are still uncertain.

Facebook Watch receives seventy five million viewers daily, according to new statistics shared by the company. However despite its growth, the platform remains a fraction the size of its most vital rival, YouTube, and some media companies are concerned by the platform’s changing character.

On Thursday, Facebook gave its most detailed look at the scale of Watch, the video offering it launched in 2017 to get people to watch longer type programming. Facebook aforesaid its seventy five million daily viewers spend twenty minutes on average daily on Watch videos, and there are four hundred million people who visit Watch monthly for at least a minute. that makes Watch a sprout compared to YouTube, which has 1.9 billion monthly viewers and claims sixty billion minutes daily of view time across the service.

Jim Nail, a researcher with Forrester, wasn’t impressed by Facebook’s numbers, saying “20 minutes is a minimal amount of time.” The time spent suggests that Watch has not quite changed into a destination for committed viewing, and is probably going similar to other Facebook video viewing habits.

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Facebook Watch is settling down

If you’re not posting as many status updates nowadays, Facebook is hoping it can at least persuade you to open the app and watch some TV. Perhaps even pay for some.
2018 has been a busy year for Facebook’s still-nascent efforts around streaming original programming a la Netflix, which is another way of saying the social networking giant’s still got an extended way to go before it’s seen as having the identical cachet as its much more established streaming competitors. even so, Facebook is pressing on, with a slew of new headlines around its Facebook Watch service that even include the chance of Facebook selling you an HBO package that you could watch through the app.

The company has additionally just released a slew of updated stats and viewership figures, in addition to announcing some series renewals and other major efforts on the horizon. For starters, Facebook says over seventy five million individuals daily and upwards of four hundred million people a month currently watch at least one minute of Facebook Watch content each day. And that, on average, those seventy five million daily viewers spend more than twenty minutes inside the Watch tab.

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Facebook life events types

Facebook offers you to publish different types of life events on your Timeline. Of course you can create your own type of life event. These are the offered event types and some examples of what they can include:

  • Work & Education:

New Job, Published Book or Paper. Retirement. New School. Study Abroad. Volunteer Work. Military Service. Create Your Own.

  • Family & Relationships:

First Met, New Relationship. Engagement. Marriage. Anniversary. Expecting a Baby. New Child. New Family Member. New Pet. End of Relationship. Loss of a Loved One. Create Your Own.

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Facebook new life events feature

For example, once a user posts about a new relationship, it’ll show a beating heart icon, or if two people get engaged, it’ll show a ring icon.
The life events cover ten completely different categories, ranging from travel, family and education, to more solemn events like friends or family who have passed away.

Like other posts, any emoji reactions will appear as an animation to give off a sense that friends are celebrating.
What’s more, life events will currently have their own dedicated section on users’ profiles, whereas previously they appeared within the ‘About’ section.
Users can always hide a life event from appearing on their profile by clicking ‘Hide from Timeline.’

‘Life events on Facebook are the simplest way to share, celebrate and come along around your most vital milestones with friends and family,’ said David Harris, a Facebook product manager, in a statement.

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Facebook Redesigned “Life Events” Feature

Graduating from med college, getting engaged, starting your dream job — these are life-changing events that you wish to shout about from a hilltop.
Facebook met that need with its “Life Events” feature; however it never felt like shouting from a hilltop until now.

Facebook recently rolled out an updated feature that makes your Life Events pop — literally. Now these posts can include photos from the other page or person tagged in it (like your new job or partner), animated photos and videos, Facebook 3D photos or photos from Facebook’s own gallery.

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Facebook revamps feature to highlight life milestones

Expecting a baby or buying a brand new car? The tech firm wants you to highlight these huge moments.

Facebook life events will have their own section on the social network.
When Facebook product manager David Harris proposed last year to his then-girlfriend, he shared the milestone on the social network.
But he didn’t feel like the post matched the magnitude of the moment.

That’s when he started having discussions concerning redesigning a Facebook feature that permits users to highlight major life events like getting married, buying a brand new car or expecting a baby .

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How to Add a Life Event to Your Facebook Timeline (and Why You Should)

Facebook did an entire makeover with the introduction of the Facebook Timeline. Our Facebook pages haven’t been the same since. The massive banner like image dominates, and then your “life story” follows. The timeline is resting place for all of your memorable posts, photos, events…all organized in a reverse chronological order. Admittedly, you have to scroll quite a few feet all the way down to view your early years, however at times the trip is worth it only for the nostalgia.

In a later update, Facebook conjointly brought in Timeline Apps which permits you to share a lot more like books, movies, travel spots etc. All for the goal of social interactivity. However we are getting slightly ahead here, because this simple post is meant to show you the way to add a life event to your Facebook Timeline.

Go Back In Time and Add Life Events

Facebook has currently made it dead simple to go back in time and add momentous life events to your Facebook Timeline. It’s a straightforward few clicks affair. Here’s how:
Log into your Facebook profile and head to the Timeline. You will see the link for life Event just alongside the status update box. Clicking on it displays the following options:

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