Instagram new IGTV promotions in the Main Feed

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While Instagram’s IGTV hasn’t launched as the platform would have liked, parent company Facebook has said it does have an idea to encourage additional IGTV usage. That plan looks to involve a brand new style of IGTV promos, which will now be shown in your main Instagram feed whenever a profile you follow shares an IGTV video.

Now, you can preview IGTV videos in your feed. Once there’s a new video from someone you follow, you can tap from your feed to look at the full video in IGTV.

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As you can see, the new promo option will offer IGTV broadcasters an opportunity to share a clip from their latest contribution within the main feed – users can then tap through if they want to see more. And whereas it may feel a bit intrusive, it could have important benefits for Instagram as it looks to encourage additional IGTV usage.

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Instagram is the social platform of the moment, with over a billion active users and rising fast. the opportunity to have your videos show up in front of that giant, captive audience could prove an enormous lure for those considering IGTV – whereas the platform itself might not have gained the immediate momentum Facebook would have hoped, the added exposure potential and reach opportunities could get more creators re-considering its potential, and looking to achieve a bigger audience through the app.

And if more influential creators come on board, Instagram can get a lot of people switching across. It’s not an essential video platform yet, however the opportunities that Instagram has to promote IGTV, through both Instagram and Facebook, mean that it still has lots of ways in which to draw users and build its audience.

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Worth noting too, back in November, Instagram added an option to share IGTV content to Instagram Stories.
Now you can share your favorite IGTV videos to your story. Tap the paper airplane at the bottom of the video you want to share. Once friends see your story, they can tap the preview to look at the entire video in IGTV.

  Instagram Stories itself is currently up to 500 million daily users, so again, IGTV has a vast amount of exposure potential.
It’ll still take some time to gather momentum, however given the various options at Instagram’s disposal; I wouldn’t be counting IGTV out just yet.

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