How to go viral on TikTok with influencers

The best way to get large-scale brand awareness in TikTok is to achieve virality by tapping into trending memes and challenges. By moulding your brand into preexisting trending posts you can fuse ads and entertainment. There’s the potential to have your content go viral and, in turn, have your brand go viral. The wonder of TikTok is its fast consumption flow permitting additional chance for your content to get noticed, especially once it’s trending, and so more chance for your brand to stick organically into the minds of gen Z. In this guide, we tell you the most effective ways to get your branded posts going viral on TikTok.

A large quantity of viral and trending content on TikTok takes the shape of challenges.

TikTok challenges usually involve using a particular song or sound clip and are attended with a hashtag.
Challenges can vary from dances, to lip-syncing to a voice clip or song, or a comedy skit that people re-enact. Challenges are an extremely engaging and organic format. Users will want to take part because it’s fun and appealing, and since they’ve seen their friends and the people they follow participating in it.
One of the largest viral trends on TikTok in 2018 was the ‘Hit or Miss’ meme, where individuals lip-synced to iLOVEFRIDAY’s song ‘Mia Khalifa.’

Some of the foremost popular trends on TikTok can be found via the search page. Most trends, memes and challenges are related to a specific hashtag.
Trending hashtags are listed on the search page, alongside the number of times it’s been used. You can see some of the foremost engaged content using this hashtag by clicking on the hashtag title.
Headliner or sponsored hashtags will often appear within the graphic banner at the top of the search page, as to draw additional attention to it and make even more engagement.

TikTok videos normally explore one concept. So, if you can find how a trending concept links to the product or service you aim to sell, the content and audience is already there on TikTok to be tapped into. For TikTok, the comedy, beauty and music genres are most vital for reaching giant audiences. Taking this into consideration, you ought to make your brand fit into one of these genres as a first step before utilizing hashtags, popular challenges, songs and influencers to make sure your content is millennial friendly.

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