Facebook Redesigned “Life Events” Feature

Graduating from med college, getting engaged, starting your dream job — these are life-changing events that you wish to shout about from a hilltop.
Facebook met that need with its “Life Events” feature; however it never felt like shouting from a hilltop until now.

Facebook recently rolled out an updated feature that makes your Life Events pop — literally. Now these posts can include photos from the other page or person tagged in it (like your new job or partner), animated photos and videos, Facebook 3D photos or photos from Facebook’s own gallery.

How to use Facebook’s updated Life Events feature

Go to your profile and click “Life Event” under the field “What’s on your mind?” choose the category of the event and select a specification choose animated art from Facebook or photos from your camera roll select from a large variety of icons Fill out the fields and share the post!

Facebook redesigned Life Events

There are many cool new aspects this update provides to Life Events. I’ll go over everything you can expect from your new Life Events post and then provide step-by-step instructions on how to use it!
Here are some nice new offerings you can expect with the updated Life Events.
What does the new Life Events look like?
Life Events have existed as long as the Facebook timeline itself has. Therefore what’s the big deal?

The new Life Events rollout is supposed to make those posts stand out because, well, they’re kind of a big deal. Facebook is aware of that and wants to make these announcements even more special by giving them some activity.
As I mentioned above, you can now include a large range of photos. You can still upload your own, however now you can include cool animation, like slowly zooming in.

Say your post tags another profile or page — like the college you just got into or the partner you just married. You can now choose between photos that exist on their page or profile as well! Talk about a cool personalization.
A little rusty on how tagging works? Take a look at how to tag someone on Facebook.
If you don’t like any of these options, you can choose from Facebook’s suggested animated art, which is really neat.
You can conjointly pick and choose from a range of icons, which is what appears within the middle of the post


Facebook’s algorithm has figured out who specifically you’re close to and what profiles or pages you prefer to look at regularly. And previously, Life Events solely appeared in your newsfeed. Therefore you might not see that your old school friend who you no longer speak to regularly just got engaged. Or — as Facebook admits, not all Life Events are happy ones — you might not see the Life Event concerning your high school teacher who just died.

Now, Facebook will ping you with notifications concerning certain Life Events regardless of if the person shows up regularly in your newsfeed. That means you won’t miss out on any huge moments — and no one will miss out on your big moments, either.
Not thrilled about getting even more notifications popping up on your screen?

Here’s the way to turn off Facebook notifications

Now that the majority of your friends have been notified about your announcement, you’ll probably be receiving a lot of interaction with the posts. Likes, wows, hearts, tears. Once anyone interacts with the post, they’ll see a fun explosion showcasing all the likes, hearts, etc. that friends gave the post. Your timeline is changing as well to accommodate the importance of these posts. Currently there will be a special section dedicated only to Life Events.

Previously, it was troublesome to find past Life Events. This new addition to your profile will give you the way to look back on all the excitement and curveballs life has thrown you.
It will additionally provide other people the way to get to know you by looking through your most vital milestones. If this makes you a little uncomfortable, Facebook offers a way to hide Life Events from your timeline.

How to use new Life Events feature:

Now that you know what you can do with this new feature, are you excited to post a brand new Life Event?! Let’s go over how to, step-by-step.

  • 1. Head to profile and select “Life Event”

Navigate to your Facebook profile. You can do so by clicking on the humanoid icon at the bottom of your screen, or from the three-line menu button within the bottom right.
Once on the profile, look to where you’d normally make a status. You’ll notice “Life Events” below the field “What’s on your mind?”

  • 2. Opt for the category your Life Event falls under

Facebook offers a range of common Life Events for you to choose from. If what you want to share doesn’t fall under any of these, you can choose the last option “Create Your Own.”
From there, another screen will appear asking you to specify even further what kind of event it’s.

  • 3. Select your image(s)

Here’s where the new feature elements start kicking in! Facebook offers filler images right away that you can keep if you wish. Or click on the “Photos/Videos” link to choose from your camera roll or from animated art Facebook suggests based on the event.
You can opt for as many photos as you wish to represent the event.

  • 4. Select an icon

The new “Life Events” conjointly lets you opt for the little icon that appears right within the middle of your post to symbolize the event. Click on the icon (the initial one for the job category is a briefcase) to peruse the selections.

  • 5. Fill in the fields and post it!

Fill out the rest of the post by tagging any relevant profiles, pages or locations and adding a description concerning the event. Click next once you’re finished.
A pop-up screen will ask how you wish to share the post. You can pick and choose who sees it on your news feed.
Then click Share. The Life Event is currently on your profile under the new “Life Events” section, and your friends will get a notification you posted one!
Life Events are a big deal!

And now, thanks to Facebook’s updated version, your big moments will look and feel like a big deal to the entire Facebook community. Plus, you’ll be better at keeping up with and celebrating your connections. All in all, it’s a wonderful update by Facebook.