Facebook new life events feature

For example, once a user posts about a new relationship, it’ll show a beating heart icon, or if two people get engaged, it’ll show a ring icon.
The life events cover ten completely different categories, ranging from travel, family and education, to more solemn events like friends or family who have passed away.

Like other posts, any emoji reactions will appear as an animation to give off a sense that friends are celebrating.
What’s more, life events will currently have their own dedicated section on users’ profiles, whereas previously they appeared within the ‘About’ section.
Users can always hide a life event from appearing on their profile by clicking ‘Hide from Timeline.’

‘Life events on Facebook are the simplest way to share, celebrate and come along around your most vital milestones with friends and family,’ said David Harris, a Facebook product manager, in a statement.

‘Just as they’re in reality, life events on Facebook are distinguished from other everyday moments.
The redesigned life events cover ten completely different categories, starting from travel, family and education, to more solemn events like friends or family who have passed away.

‘To ensure these moments stand out even more, we’re redesigning this feature to give you additional ways in which to commemorate your life events and help your friends see these vital milestones,’ Harris added.

Facebook may additionally notify you if a friend has posted a life event.
It’ll solely send notifications for certain events, like changes to your current town, work, education and relationship status.

‘We filter the notifications therefore you only see those that are most relevant, and you can conjointly turn off these notifications at any time,’ Harris explained.

The feature is expected to roll out on Facebook globally over the next few days.
Facebook first released the life events feature in 2011, however hasn’t updated it since then.

The new updates show that Facebook wants users to continue to use the platform for staying in-tuned with friends and family members who may live in far-flung corners of the globe, as well as for sharing vital life updates.