Facebook life events types

Facebook offers you to publish different types of life events on your Timeline. Of course you can create your own type of life event. These are the offered event types and some examples of what they can include:

  • Work & Education:

New Job, Published Book or Paper. Retirement. New School. Study Abroad. Volunteer Work. Military Service. Create Your Own.

  • Family & Relationships:

First Met, New Relationship. Engagement. Marriage. Anniversary. Expecting a Baby. New Child. New Family Member. New Pet. End of Relationship. Loss of a Loved One. Create Your Own.

  • Home & Living:

Moved, Bought a Home. Home Improvement. New Roommate. New Vehicle. Create Your Own.

  • Health & Wellness:

Organ Donor, Overcame an Illness. Quit a Habit. New Eating Habits. Weight Loss. Glasses, Contacts, Other. Broken Bone. Removed Braces. Create Your Own.

  • Travel & Experiences:

New Hobby, New Instrument. New Language. Tattoo or Piercing. New License. Travel. Achievement or Award. Changed Beliefs. First Word, Kiss, Other. New Sport. Registered to Vote. Create Your Own.